Life Matrix

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Mentor My Career are proud to present LIFE MATRIX.

Undertaking a Life Matrix is probably one of the most important investments you will ever make for yourself.

Life Matrix investigates your psychological DNA. It will show you who you really are. A phenomenal life changing experience, that will literally help you forge a successful career.

Life Matrix is a benefit no career minded person should ever be without. The benefit of Life Matrix will last a lifetime.

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What’s your LIFE style?

Have you ever wondered…

  • why you don’t hit it off with some kinds of people?
  • why you can take an instant dislike to some people?
  • why some people judge or reject you without really knowing anything about you?
  • why some people never seem to “get it”?
  • why others get the success and quality of life you deserve?

The LIFE Matrix can help to answer these questions and more…


LIFE is simple
LIFE is easy to understand and easy to use. LIFE makes communication simple, comfortable and engaging.

LIFE is effective
LIFE allows you to quickly read the style of the other person and shows you how you can communicate effectively in a way that best suits them and you.

LIFE is fun
Kids learn best when they are playing, singing or laughing. Adults are exactly the same! Whether at work, or socially, or with the one you love, LIFE makes communication enjoyable and engaging.


LIFE and your career

“2 out of 3 people are unhappy with their career choice” – Government sponsored survey

Self-knowledge is the key to better choices

  • Find your self-worth
  • Unwrap your unique talents
  • Find careers that play to your strengths and passions
  • Avoid activities and jobs that will drain your energy
  • Uncover your passions and unique sources of energy
  • Find your mission in the workplace
  • Life MATRIX empowers self-belief
  • Life MATRIX kick-starts and enhances your career journey
  • Life MATRIX highlights your psychological DNA

Be the best you can be!

“Career-wise I lost my way, like so many others I spent years drifting from course to course and job to job, achieving very little. Eventually I found a career really suited to my abilities and passions. I just wish I had had had this tool a couple of decades ago.”
Terry Hill, Business Psychologist and Author


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