2020 is upon us. New year – new decade! Now is the time to consider a job and career change.

If you have been putting it off, get started NOW. A better job and better income start’s here! It’s never too late to make that change.

New Year – New Job

They say the 3 most important things in life are Health, Family and Career, however your career impacts on the other two. Make January 2020 the time to obtain your new CV. A career change won’t just impact on you but also on your family.

A family member who is much happier and content in employment because they are doing what they want to do, has an impact on everybody!

Get that new opportunity by obtaining that new CV.

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Thank you for redesigning my CV and providing me with the SEA factor, which I found really helpful. What a difference it made for my interviews. As you know I am 54 and was made redundant back in August. I really struggled with the CV I wrote and did not even get an interview. After I invested in an MMC CV I began receiving initiations to interviews and attending on average two interviews a week. On the 23rd of December I was formerly offered two senior management positions in two national retail chains. I am now back fully employed and earning more salary than before. MMC was a life saver!

MT. Bristol.


Getting closer and do you feel it might affect your employment going forward? Start today, take control of your career to move on and up. Your career is your business and is nobody else’s responsibility but your own.

A Career Change CV means you are always prepared for change.

Do you know how to add 5 days to every week?

By having the correct career – that’s how!!

Why leave it in the hope that something will happen because nothing positive happens unless you make it happen. You must take control. If you are unhappy in your present career, then you need to make fundamental changes to make it happen. A normal CV isn’t the answer. A document aimed at making a change is crucial.

Engage MMC now, our qualified mentors will produce a CV that sells your capabilities, guaranteed.


Found the whole exercise a challenging and enlightening experience. I liked the direct and honest approach which helped me to understand about myself and what I should be selling to prospective employers. At the end had the right direction for my future career and I received from your company far more than I expected.

KJ . East Midlands

Changing your job helps you gain more experience

70% of your life is spent working, imperative in today’s job market is to gain as much and hopefully varied experience as you can.

Is your career worth professional help to identify your value and worth?

Let us at MMC build a CV that markets you above the competition.

UK workers change employer every 5 years

This very simple statement says everything about the job market for the next few years. Career Change is the norm rather than the exception. Get in at this early stage so you are not left behind. Let us build your Career Change CV that maximises and diversifies your capabilities.

Get your Career Change CV ordered now and let decision makers know what difference you can make for them.

Save 22% Today!

Was £159
Now Only £124 for the month of Janurary 2020


Thank you, thank you, thank you! Absolutely thrilled with the CV you have produced for me. Learnt so much about myself and made me realise about the important things to sell. After some time out of the job market I’m so excited to be applying for the right role for me!

SS . Midlands

Investing in your Career is the most important investment you will ever make in your life

When did you last consider the best way to market your career? This investment begins by having the most appropriate documents to assist you in getting the right interview for your Career and Life change going forward. In todays’ world your CV should read like a marketing brochure and our CV’s never fail to achieve interviews.

Start now by ordering your new Career Change CV and make things happen for yourself.