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Management CV

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Breaking into management for the first time, moving to new management levels, or even establishing your credentials, as a consultant requires a Management CV to demonstrate how your personality and career history qualifies you for the responsibilities ahead.

However, for some time now almost 80% of jobs in management are obtained via networking or direct approaches.

To achieve a management position in this significant opportunity market, a different approach is initially required because CV’s rarely have the desired effect and impact.

Therefore, something different is required!

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The Management CV is created by gathering the key elements of career history, which indicate that skills and experience can be transferred into management responsibilities. The in-depth research questions provided in this exercise discover the elements of your personality and the skills, experience and achievements, gathered from your career to date, which will present you, as a suitable candidate for your management position.


The Management CV is more than just a CV writing service. Here are the significant and full range of benefits, you will receive from MMC:

  1. Your own Personal Qualified Career Mentor Coach.
  2. A jointly produced ‘Career Probes’ called S.E.A. Factors™.
  3. A simple, to complete questionnaire that forms a Personal Profile Analysis™.
  4. A professionally developed CV and, for a limited period only, a LinkedIn Profile based upon the above.
  5. Your Mentor Coach will produce change materials to slightly alter the CV for specific needs, if required.
  6. Our ‘Free’ bestselling book, “Career Energiser”. A great motivational read!
  7. S.E.A Factor Tools to assist you for telephone and face-to-face interviews.
  8. A portfolio of professionally written campaign letters.
  9. An opportunity to undertake Life Matrix, at a nominal charge. An experience that will literally change your views about yourself and significantly increase your communication skills. Life Matrix provides a detailed 33 page personal, fun and light hearted report that provides phenomenal benefits both, for your future career and life in general. MMC has exclusive use of this psychological DNA discovery!
  10. An option, at a nominal charge, to receive an Executive Summary™, a career marketing tool, tailored to you and your objectives.