An initial career launching CV


Early Career CV

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Be a step ahead with an MMC Early Career CV.

The 3 most important things in life are:
Your Health. Your Family. Your Career.

Your career impinges on the other two!

70% of your life is spent working. Get your career off the ground with MMC’s professional help and enjoy the future and the success it will bring.

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As a student or someone embarking on the first search to ‘get a job’ there is apprehension, naturally, this mixed with excitement to see what the future holds. The principals at MMC have been successfully working for years with young people, helping them prepare and focus on their future careers in front of them.

If you view your career, as you would opening a new business you cannot go wrong!

You have taken the trouble to spend significant time in Education. The Education you have been engaged in, provides basic knowledge, now you are entering the world of work you will be building Experience, Skills and Knowledge. These become the products of your career. Your Career Assets are what future employers need and will ‘Buy’ from you.

“The more you’re able to articulate these products the higher price people are prepared to pay!”

No matter what career direction you choose, if you think of your career, as your very own consultancy business then that will help you discover how to grow and build a healthy, happy future and MMC can help you achieve that objective, as we have done for thousands before you building your CV.

Here are the significant and full range of benefits you will receive from MMC:

  1. Your own Personal Qualified Career Mentor Coach.
  2. A jointly produced ‘Career Probes’ called S.E.A. Factors™.
  3. A simple, to complete questionnaire that forms a Personal Profile Analysis™.
  4. A professionally developed CV based upon the above.
  5. Your Mentor Coach will produce change materials to slightly alter the CV for specific needs, if required.
  6. Our bestselling book, “Career Energiser”. A great motivational read!
  7. S.E.A Factor Tools to assist you for telephone and face-to-face interviews.
  8. A portfolio of professionally written campaign letters.
  9. An opportunity to undertake a Life Matrix. An experience that will literally change your views about yourself and significantly increase your communication skills. Life Matrix provides a detailed 33 page personal, fun and light hearted report that provides phenomenal benefits both, for your future career and life in general. MMC has exclusive use of this psychological DNA discovery!