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Career Change CV

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Let us start by asking a question. “How can we change our career if we write a CV based upon history?

The CV provides a ‘snap shot’ about us; get the message wrong and the impact will be negative. Get it right and you can obtain a career change.

If you are about to leave the Armed Forces or perhaps in the Public Sector seeking to move into the Private Sector or vice versa. How about leaving Prison. A Teacher wanting a complete career change. Maybe a Plumber who’d like a different kind of job. How about someone who wants to re-enter the workplace, after time way……. The list goes on.

Our Mentor Coaches will prepare your CV in a unique MMC style, to get you where you want to go!

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So how do you change?

People want People.

Prove your general capabilities, demonstrate your willingness, your likeability and you will succeed!

Experience, Skills and Knowledge are all very transferable, if you know how!

These become the products of your career. Your Career Assets are what future employers need and will ‘Buy’ from you, if you demonstrate them using MMC methods.

“The more you are able to articulate these assets the higher the position and the price people are prepared to pay!”

MMC can help you achieve that objective, as we have done thousands of times before.

How do you stand out from the Job Seeking Crowd? How do you get noticed? How do you get introduced to the ‘right’ people? Where do you find the ‘’right’ people?

These are questions we have been addressing with people for over 25 years.

“A Barrister, now an International Sales Director. A School Teacher, now a successful Life Coach. A 20-year serving Soldier, now in Production Engineering. A local Council worker, now an Administrator in private industry. A Bank Accounts Clerk, now a Sales Representative. We could go on.

The Career Change CV is more than just a CV writing service. Here are the significant and full range of benefits, you will receive from MMC:

  1. Your own Personal Qualified Career Mentor Coach.
  2. A jointly produced ‘Career Probes’ called S.E.A. Factors™.
  3. A simple, to complete questionnaire that forms a Personal Profile Analysis™.
  4. A professionally developed CV and, for a limited period only, a LinkedIn Profile based upon the above.
  5. Your Mentor Coach will produce change materials to slightly alter the CV for specific needs, if required.
  6. Our ‘Free’ bestselling book, “Career Energiser”. A great motivational read!
  7. S.E.A Factor Tools to assist you for telephone and face-to-face interviews.
  8. A portfolio of professionally written campaign letters.
  9. An opportunity to undertake Life Matrix, at a nominal charge. An experience that will literally change your views about yourself and significantly increase your communication skills. Life Matrix provides a detailed 33 page personal, fun and light hearted report that provides phenomenal benefits both, for your future career and life in general. MMC has exclusive use of this psychological DNA discovery!