Why are our CV’s so successful?

We use probes known as S.E.A. Factors. Your coach will use your S.E.A. factor to build a really competitive CV for different job opportunities. These are also very valuable and important assets to use at interview.

A full Personal Profile Analysis is undertaken to help build your winning CV.

We can also write your LinkedIn profile for you. Many decision makers are saying that they study this as much as they look at a candidates CV. So obviously an important part of your Recruitment Campaign armoury and not something to be ignored.

We also don’t neglect the full range of letters and general marketing materials which are vital to a successful conclusion to your job search.

Information and access on all of these products is available from this page.

You are making your first successful move in obtaining the job of your dreams.

Understanding the advantages of an MMC Hybrid CV

An MMC hybrid CV does not rely upon a list of past jobs. It presents the benefits of a well-managed career to a potential employer and matches the objective needs of the decision maker.

The CV is written to undertake a personal connection between the decision-maker and the job applicant, making a compelling case for an interview.

In today’s competitive world most CV’s are rejected at first glance!

CV’s that are simply based around What you’ve done, How long you spent doing it and Who you did it for are out of date!

A personality statement derived through MMC’s ‘Personal Profile Analysis’ makes an identifiable connection between the decision-maker and the candidate.

Note: All our Mentors are ‘In House’ trained by internationally acclaimed career coaches.