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What’s the difference between a Mentor My Career CV and other CV writing services

Too many CVs are boring, outdated, lacking the ‘Right’ message and simply not making an impact!

An MMC CV is specifically written to attract the decision maker to arrange an interview. After all, that is the sole purpose of the CV.

Decision makers on average only give 10-15 seconds of their time to initially read your CV. A very short time to get on the I’ll read it again list or arrange an interview scenario.

MMC will ensure your sales document, because that is what it is, is an excellent one and make sure it matches the decision makers needs and gets you called for the right interview.

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KJ. East Midlands

Found the whole exercise a challenging and enlightening experience. I liked the direct and honest approach which helped me to understand about myself and what I should be selling to prospective employers. At the end had the right direction for my future career and I received from your company far more than I expected.

MT. Bristol

Thank you for redesigning my CV and providing me with the SEA factor, which I found really helpful. What a difference it made for my interviews. As you know I am 54 and was made redundant back in August. I really struggled with the CV I wrote and did not even get an interview. After I invested in an MMC CV I began receiving initiations to interviews and attending on average two interviews a week. On the 23rd of December I was formerly offered two senior management positions in two national retail chains. I am now back fully employed and earning more salary than before. MMC was a life saver!

SS . Midlands

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Absolutely thrilled with the CV you have produced for me. Learnt so much about myself and made me realise about the important things to sell. After some time out of the job market I’m so excited to be applying for the right role for me!


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